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Cool Your Hot Mess roller blend

Cool Your Hot Mess roller blend

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OK Ladies, listen up! This Cool Your Hot Mess roller blend is for you if:

  • You're feeling exhausted & overwhelmed
  • You look & feel like a train wreck 
  • You're snapping at your kids & husband
  • You pretty much hate everyone & everything
  • You feel like you're losing your mind

It may just be your hormones trying to get your attention, whether you're dealing with PMS, Menopause, or the daily grind.

That's exactly why I created this beautiful custom floral blend of Jasmine, Magnolia, Neroli & Rose essential oils blended with FCO in an ombre bottle.

These 4 florals work synergistically to help calm you down, soothe your nervous feelings, balance estrogen levels, calm rage and panic, and more. Jasmine helps boost Serotonin, and Neroli helps lower Cortisol aka the 'fight or flight' hormone, so you can feel like you're in control and not want to kill anyone. Seriously, this stuff works to calm you down. 

I recommend that you apply it to your pulse points, over your heart, back of your neck, and along your forearms, and of course inhale the aroma with a few deep breaths, and get your chill on. Use throughout the day as needed. And yes, it smells different on everyone, so it becomes your personal fragrance.

Also, in each roller are a few mini clear quartz crystals, which help with emotional balance, detoxing the bad stuff, digestive support and helps in healing pretty much everything. And when you shake the roller, it helps blend the oils & the iridescent mica powders, making the bottle look amazing! 

Pure essential oils used in this blend are sourced from:

  • Jasmine - Egypt
  • Magnolia - China
  • Neroli - Egypt
  • Rose - Bulgaria

Yes my friend, you can feel better with naturally pure essential oils, get your sanity back and get your beach vibes on!


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