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Gin & Grapefruit Cocktail aromatic roller blend

Gin & Grapefruit Cocktail aromatic roller blend

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Who doesn't love the smell of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, especially when it's poured over ice with a splash of gin? Tastes like Summer in a glass. 

This Gin & Grapefruit cocktail roller is for you if:

  • Your gallbladder could use some love
  • You had a little too much fun last night
  • You have no idea where all that cellulite came from
  • Your lymph nodes & kidneys are not happy
  • You're addicted to sugar
  • Your adrenals are shot

Grapefruit helps you to respect and honor your body, especially if you've been on every diet on the planet, and still can't seem to lose weight. Take a deep breath and inhale this blend, and say 'I am good enough, and I love myself'. Your body will thank you for caring my friend. Start by developing a healthy relationship with your body, listen to what it's telling you. You will see that no amount of food can fill the hole you feel in your soul... only love can do that. (Wow, kinda went deep there.)

Release any shame or hate you feel for your body, and choose to be grateful that it's been there for you your entire life, just waiting for you to pay attention and give it the love it needs. Loving yourself is the first step in letting go and letting love in. 

The Juniper Berry oil in this blend helps you feel self-aware, courageous and protected, and helps you acknowledge, trust and accept your true self. 

To use simply roll it on your pulse points, and apply wherever you need support:

  • Over your gallbladder & liver
  • Over lymph nodes
  • Below you jaw line & along neck
  • Over bladder and/or kidneys & adrenals
  • Back of neck and along spine

 And of course, inhale and enjoy the aroma anytime. 

The aroma is just like a Gin & Grapefruit Drink The essential oils in this roller blend are Grapefruit & Juniper Berry, along with FCO, and a few clear quartz crystals, which help with physical & emotional balance and healing. And when you shake the roller, the crystals help mix the oils & iridescent mica powders, making the ombre bottle shimmer and reflect red & gold awesomeness.

*Note: Citrus oils are photosensitive, so please apply where the sun doesn't shine or stay out of direct sunlight for 12 hours after applying.

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