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Kamikaze Cocktail aromatic roller blend

Kamikaze Cocktail aromatic roller blend

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It's Kamikaze time! Get ready to roll it on and show your body & mind a little love.

This uplifting aromatic cocktail roller blend is for you if:

  • You've lost your zest for life and are feeling discouraged, apathetic, or feeling stuck or weighed down by your life circumstances.
  • You're grieving a loss.
  • You're feeling tense, exhausted or depressed.
  • You have a disconnect between your heart and mind.
  • You have recurring nightmares and difficulty sleeping. 

And now for the Physical benefits:

  • Helps with urinary, bladder & digestive issues. 
  • Helps clear respiratory & lymphatic congestion.
  • Helps clear respiratory, bladder, kidney, & bacterial infections.
  • Promotes mental clarity and supports memory.
  • Helps relieve excess uric acid, edema & cellulitis.

The aroma is lime & juniper, and yes, it smells like a Kamikaze, one of my favorite cocktails. 

To use simply roll it on your pulse points, and apply wherever you need support:

  • Over your heart & chest
  • Over lymph nodes
  • Below you jaw line & along neck
  • Over bladder and/or kidneys
  • Back of neck and along spine

 And of course, inhale and enjoy the aroma anytime. 

In this roller blend are Juniper Berry & Lime essential oils, and a few mini clear quartz crystals, which help with physical and emotional balance and healing. And when you shake the roller, the crystals help blend the oils & iridescent mica powders, making the ombre bottle look like a shimmering, pearlescent yellow and light blue thing of beauty. 

Have fun and feel better with a cocktail roller. 


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