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Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail aromatic roller blend

Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail aromatic roller blend

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Ready to get happy? Need a little more fun & joy in your life? Awesome, let's do this...

Grab your Long Island Iced Tea roller and get it on your body now, and enjoy the subtle aroma of this essential oil blend. 

This fun blend is for you only if:

  • You're a workaholic and forgot what it's like to have fun
  • You've lost your sense of humor 
  • You're boring and have no life
  • You have no energy and feel mentally fatigued
  • You have a hard time focusing and need mental clarity
  • You have scary dreams and you're afraid to face your fears

 The physical benefits of this blend include:

  • Urinary tract, kidney & bladder support
  • Helps clear respiratory & lymphatic congestion
  • Helps relieve uric acid, gout, edema & toxicity
  • Helps relieve heartburn, acid reflux & digestive upset
  • Helps clear brain fog, stress, anxiety & depression
  • Helps raise glutathione & lower cholesterol

The aroma is just like a Long Island Iced Tea, seriously. The essential oils in this roller blend are Lemon, Wild Orange & Juniper Berry, along with FCO, and a few clear quartz crystals, which help with physical & emotional balance and healing. And when you shake the roller, the crystals help mix the oils & iridescent mica powders, making the ombre bottle shimmer and reflect yellow & gold awesomeness. 

To use simply roll it on your pulse points*, and apply wherever you need support:

  • Behind your ears, back of neck
  • Over your heart & chest
  • Over bladder and/or kidneys
  • Along spine and bottoms of feet
  • Along wrists and inner arms  

This roller is a great way to have fun and feel better at the same time. Enjoy!

*Note: Citrus oils are photosensitive, so please apply where the sun doesn't shine or stay out of direct sunlight for 12 hours after applying. 

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